2,000,000.000(Two Million USD Fund) Part 2

This person wants to donate me this amount of money so that I may be rich. He gave instruction how to I receive money through Halifax bank, UK. He gave me a phone number and email addresses to contact bank officers.Carefully note what he is saying, “Note that you “MUST”first open a new online paying bank account with our paying finance group before your $2,000,000.00 USD USD will be paid to the new on-line bank account so you can have an open/secured access to your new bank account online…..”
He is saying “…with our paying finance group.” So he has a group which deceives people in this manner. They store people personal identity and do crime. At the end he says,”I will be going for a surgery operation in Belgium for the next couple of days and hope for quick recovery. Please put me in your prayers as well and hope to hear good news from you when the donation has been received by you.” Hahaa

First when I saw his email,I said to him,”Thank you for your fund request. I think you got this email from my blog. Actually, my main purpose on a blog is not to make money rather to show humanity the way to everlasting happiness and success.” Then he responded in this manner,”My entire family is pleased to read your reply to us….” Then when I saw his story through link given to me, I felt depressed and sheytan showed me as if true. I say to myself “The money that is earned from the lottery is Riba(usury),how can I take it? I should consult elderly people before going to any step.” Then on the next day I called to one of elder persons. Then he said,”This is false,discard it.” Then I replied to this deceiver,
“If you really want to help individuals, why do you not send to charity organization so that they may help homeless and orphan children?
You don’t know me and I too don’t know you. How do we trust each other? This is unacceptable donation and wasting one’s time? If you really want to help humanity,there are thousand doors open for you. So why do you need to help individuals through their email? Don’t deceive anyone. I don’t accept even if you give me the whole of your prize. Because it is extracted from usury. Usury is great sin and eating other’s wealth unjustly. Don’t reply to this email afterwards. I don’t have time to reply you. I am a student who should work hard to change ownself and humanity. Donate your money to thousand and million orphan and homeless people. If you send me any email, it will be taken out of consideration and discarded. Don’t waste your time please,please…”

Then he stopped here. He hasn’t replied. But I learned something from this test.
1. When you are in doubt,without taking any step you should consult knowledgeable and elderly people. This is a test from sheytan, He whispered to me many things. Alhamdulillah Allah saved me. If I had consulted my friends,they may be overpowered by this worldly gain and would have directed me to do what the deceiver says.
2. I have learned how satan from human and jinn beautifies their speech to deceive human beings. It seems very true. But inside is built from false. In this manner sheytan deceives us. He promises great benefit. BUt when we fall into grieve and helpless,he flees from us. This dunya is place of test and trial. He says “I don’t know you.” If I had fell into crime because of him,this deceiver would have said,”I don’t know you.” This is satan from human.
May Allah protect us from sheytan and his evils.


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