Careful Facebook Usage

Today facebook addiction is becoming worse than other addictions. We use facebook by pretending that we are gaining huge benefit without percieving its harm. Facebook is like a market place. If you don’t buy needed items and get out on time, either you waste your money and time or you incline to committing sins. Likewise, if you don’t take important thing from facebook and get out on time,you either waste your time or commit sins. Excessive facebook usage results in the following effects:
1. It excites envy and hatred like among businessmen. The more you use it, the more seed of envy and hatred grow in your heart. This in turn leads to depression and greive. So decreasing Facebook usage means decreasing this disease from the heart.

2. The mind can’t bear complex and perplex information. Some information that is presented on Facebook either complex or far away from the truth. This information hinders us from seeking true knowledge through reading books. Those who are addicted to Facebook have no interest in reading a single page of the book. So is there any worse thing than losing true and detailed knowledge? Today the people who stick to books are very few. But those who stick to social media are dramatically increasing and losing a great deal of benefits from the book. The mind becomes paralyzed if it can’t drink the fountain of true knowledge.

3.It leads to sextual and honor harassment- Today, most of rape is committed through social media. She posts her photograph and introduce to the unknown young boy, then she becomes vulnerable to attack. Lewdness and fornication become prevalent due social media.

4. Lose of sincerity– As Sayyid Qutbi said “ignorance is easy to cure. But desire after knowledge is very difficult that needs long process jihad (striving).” People in order to become popular they do whatever their soul wishes. They don’t care about lawful or unlawful. Words are spoken to be popular not to uplift the moral standard. In the past generation one person asked the scholar by saying ‘Why do our pious predecessors’ (salaf us-salahin) words have more effect on people than ours?’ The sheik replied ‘ Because they speak to make supreme Allah’s word,while we speak to make ourselves great. They speak only for the sake of Allah.’

Sayyid Qutb again said ‘When they are not uttered with sincerity and conviction, words lose their impact.’ Yes due to loss of sincerity,words that are spread through socail medie lose their impact. We don’t see the real change through socail media on people. If the person doesn’t strive to change himself, let him not expect to change himself through only social media.
These are a few that I have listed. There are many side effects of facebook and other social media.
To use all social medai carefully the person himself should struggle and strive. He should use different tactics. Those people who read bunch of book don’t let their time wasted on social media. So if the person forms habit of book reading,he has no time to wander on socail media. Among contemporary authors, this author affects me greatly. His name is Jamal Zarabozo. He was born in 1960. He accepted Islam when he was only 16. He authored and translated many books. I searched his life detail in internet but I couldn’t find. I only find one article which is a conversation between him and Sh. Yasir Qadhi. In that article he studied Islam and Arabic by himself without going to university. He refuses to accessing the internet and answering calls. So by searching lifestyle of great people, we can get rid of internet addiction. Here the interview with Jamal Zarabozo.


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