According to Merriam Webster dictionary tension is a feeling of nervousness that makes you unable to relax.A feeling of nervousness, excitement, or fear that is created in a movie, book, etc.
Tension may arise from different factors. It may be from fear of exams, fear of enemies,fear of natural disasters and etc.Today Insha Allah we deal with how to cope tension of exams.
When the time of exams arrives, everyone feels tension, be less or more. Excessive tension may cause psychological problems even it may lead to suicide. So we should be in balance in this respect.To deal with tension:

1. Before the time of exams arrives, we should study hard. We should do our best to understand what we are doing. Studying means not memorizing whole book,but taking short notes that are very important for application and exams. Some students memorize the whole book without understanding its concept. This only becomes time waster and exhaustion of the brain. So we should do our best to grasp its concept as much as possible.

2. Relying on Allah.
Everything we are harvesting is not our efforts. “The day you feel that you have achieved great achievements by your effort is the day of your spiritual death.” If were not for Allah’s grace, we had done nothing. We were empty slate. But today Allah has granted us the power of acquiring knowledge. After doing our best, we hope the good result from Almighty Allah. Our success is not scoring the highest grade, but doing what comes to our hand. Know that your future provision(rizq) is not in your hand. By failing exams, you don’t pass without consuming your decreed provision. Your exams can’t determine your future life. While saying this , I am not saying that stop study and rely on Allah. This is the notion of foolish people. Without working how can he/she expect the help of Allah? Do not be confused by searching where exams come from. Just use specific source. There are students who study stacks of books, but at the end they become fruitless.Believe in Allah and fear Him. Surely He is your helper. You are not fearing and believing in Him to pass your exams, but to attain greatest attainments that are His pleasure and Paradise. You never ever take your highest grade to Hereafter. You will leave all this behind. Have self confidence.“Self-confidence is thus borne of total reliance and trust in Allah”

3. Don’t envy
By being jealous, you lose two things. One your good deeds are being eaten up. Second, you are losing the better understanding of your knowledge by explaining to that person. The more you give your knowledge, the more you understand it. Tell to others where exams come from. As you help others, your heart becomes tranquil and calm. If you show mercy for others, Allah shows mercy on you.Don’t boast on fellow classmates. If Allah wills, He erases what you were studying before.

4. During the last night of your exams be free. Call to your parents and friends. Be careful with those friends who want you to be anxious. Say to them, I have studied. Insha Allah, I will pass.

5. While going to exams, do another thing which lessens your tension. Listen to the Qur’anic recitation. During exam be calm and prepare your pen, pencil,eraser and etc. While answering questions, answer those which you are sure and easy. Satan may whisper to you about the answer which you are sure. So leave it as it is. This was my main problem during high schools. I missed a lot of marks by erasing correct answer out of whispering.

6. When the result is released, be happy with Allah’s decree. If you pass all exams, praise and glorify Allah. If not, be patient. In your failure, there may be good things. If you were passed, you would be afflicted with an evil eye or you boast.

7. Lastly, this worldly exam is passive. If we fail, we can repeat it. But Hereafter’s exam is extremely hard. We have only one chance. There is no working,no repeating. It is place of reaping.

Yes, this world’s exams and test will pass. But Hereafter’s test is ever difficult. Let us ask ourselves how much energy and time do we spend to pass this exam? We exert greatest energy and lots of time to pass this easy exam. Inversely to pass the most difficult exam that is Hereafter, we exert a little energy and time. Let us rethink! Yes Islam is religion of realism and ideal. It doesn’t prohibit working to gain this worldly material. Rather, it encourages humanity for working hard. Really,our time doesn’t only pass on working for this dunya(world). Rather, we waste most of our time on useless matter such as excessive usage of social media,excessive sleep and etc. If we plan our time, it suffices us to work for both worlds. Planning time is among the backbone of success in both worlds.

May Allah help us in this world exams and Hereafter. May peace and blessing of Allah be upon you. See you by another topic.


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