How To use your monthly Allowance(Money)

Any resource or graces we possess has not come by our only efforts and knowledge. Rather, they are given to us as a test from Almighty Allah. HE tests to make evident who is good doer or a wrongdoer through this grace. So every resource we own needs a careful usage and wise daily expenditure. We may obtain our monthly allowance either from our parents or government organization like scholarship. If we don’t use wisely, we will face different problems. Wise usage doesn’t mean save all what you receive for your future. Rather, it means using the money you receive without making extravagant. We see students around us whom 200 or 300USD is not enough for a month, although the daily basic expenses are very low. So how to use our monthly Allowance?

1.Plan what you are going to buy while going to market. If you want great targets in life, you should plan what you do daily. You should plan how to spend your time and money. If you don’t plan, you will buy everything your soul desires. If it says buy such and such you will buy. At the end, you crowd fridge with unnecessary food and drinks. Then when your throat full of one items of food,you throw other foods and spill drinks. So you are wasting your parent’s or the government’s money. So you are failing to carry out your responsibility and obligation.

2.Don’t buy everything your soul desires. Either it may be food, drinks or electronics such as mobile or clothes. Don’t imitate others who are indulging in this worldly pleasure excessively. If you do so,you lose self confidence in your life and you follow what the masses do. In your future life you fail to handle life’s problems and incur with debts. To run away from debts in your life, you should train yourself wise usage of time and money starting from now. Know your status and walk in that manner.
Know that what you have is not in your hand. Allah can take it within the blink of an eye. Rather than spending your money unnecessarily, send to your parents or poor people if you are scholarship holder. Tomorrow when you are in worry and distress state, it will come to you as a relief Allah willing(Insha Allah). So save today by spending on your parents or poor people wisely.

3.Eat and drink moderately- If you eat and drink excessively,you lose many things. Eating and drinking too much close the mind from acquiring knowledge. It makes a body lazy and fatigue. Choose what you eat and drink. Don’t eat and drink to just  fill your stomach. Rather eat and drink to maintain your health. Eating and drinking moderately saves money greatly. The drinking I avoided are gases such as pepsi,coca cola and etc. These soft drinkings disorder sleeping and make the stomach swelled. We are people who eat to achieve great goals by maintaining our health through eating and drinking. We do not eat like cattle to just die without a goal

4. Run away from addiction– Be careful your friends who are addicted to cigarettes,khat,hashish and etc. Discipline yourself. The more you stand firm on your principles,the more you lead a stable and happy life. Don’t do what displeases Allah to make your friend happy. If you do so,your friend him/herself will desert/abandon you at the end. If you are successful in this, there is another addiction known as the internet addiction. Don’t waste your money on the internet. Since I came to this country,I have not recharged any money in order to use the internet outside the dormitory. I charge within six months once or twice if necessary more with low price.


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