Internet Addiction

Today let us discuss something. What!? In our everyday life, what is challenging us? Today we are prey to internet addiction easily. No one can say I am free of internet addiction. This addiction has both advantage and disadvantage. For the producer the advantage is greater than disadvantage, whereas for consumer (user) the disadvantage is greater than advantage in this platform of addiction. Thousand and million information overflow through internet everyday. Before being prone to this headache of internet we should balance between advantage and disadvantage. If not, we taste its bitterness and syringe for our being careless towards its proper usage soon or later. To do this the first criterion is setting firm goals of our life. We should ask ourselves “what can I do in this world? By studying only my field, am I going to graduate from university without doing extra things in my free time?, By wasting my free time on the internet can I deal wisely the problems that face me in my life journey without extra knowledge outside of my field? Or What can I do on the internet? Can I not develop the habit of reading and writing or mastering any software? ” By asking many questions ourselves, we can be free or decrease internet addiction.
The second criterion is planning and organizing daily activities. This makes us highly productive, and powerful person. If we plan our daily activities, we will understand the value of time and use it wisely. Planning and organizing activities make our tasks easier, decrease the load, easy-going life,good performance and etc. Planning causes time to be blessed. If we don’t plan, we will live a life of disorder and stress. Are u ready to plan your time? You can plan it by using Google organizer or Google calendar application. Youth is our precious time and age of investment of time and being profitable. Once it has passed, never ever come back. It is the time to know our religious and worldly affairs.
The third criterion is decreasing chat room. Being free from unnecessary message gives our mind rest and makes productive. Mobile notification distracts and disturbs us from doing our tasks properly and correctly. If we type somewhat boring and disappointing phrases, we then feel distressed and regret. Is it not true?
If we continue in this manner, we get lagged behind more and more. We will graduate from university without doing significant things. Today when we want to be employed, we are asked what we had done in free time during university life. Not only employer asks us even our life itself asks us. Because the challenges and problems are solved easily if there are experience and knowledge. So at that time today’s internet will not be benefitted us. 



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