Take A Rest

To produce efficient yield rest is as important as working hard. Rest means letting the mind free of any task so that it regains energy and refreshes itself. So how do we take a rest after intensive tasks? Can it be said that by gluing to tech devices is means of rest? Today we live in the world where there is no rest but poor performance. Our mind works continuously with no proper rest. After doing some tasks,we return to our tech devices. This leads to depression and distortion of mind. Today depression is among the most prevalent diseases. Among these limitless usage of technology leads humanity to destruction of himself. He has no rest. 24 hours with tech devices. He can’t separate himself for a moment from them except death separates him. Always we attach to them where ever we go even in masjid and other worshiping places. Our heart is not with remembrance of Allah rather we think “let me return to my favourite tech devices quickly”. Do you see how Satan has exchanged remembrance of Allah with remembrance of tech devices? There is no proper prayer for Almighty Allah and respect for place of worship. Masjid is place of remembering Allah not place of playing games,chatting and exploring the internet. So where is the rest? Prayer lessens the person’s burden and refreshes the exhausted mind. So what is the solution for all of these destructions? Let us do something. What?

Let’s program our life- programming and planning life means using time in the best manner. Imam Gazali said “You should structure your time, arrange your regular devotions and assign to each function a set period of time during which it is given first priority but which it does not overstep. For if you abandon yourself to neglect and purposelessness, as cattle do, and just do anything that may occur to you at any time it happens to occur to you, most of your time will be wasted. Your time is your life, and your life is your capital; it is the basis of your transactions [with God], and the means to attain to everlasting felicity, in the proximity of God the Exalted. Each of your breaths is a priceless jewel, and when it passes away it never returns. ”  If we are able to plan our activities every day, we get good hygiene of rest. When planning our activities, we can divide into three parts.

1. Planning for worldly activities such as studying our lessons and working in an office. Planning for these activities decreases the load of tasks and procrastination.

2. Planning for worshipping Allah – the core of happiness lies in worshipping Allah. The heart, which is far from the remembrance of Allah is distressed and grieved heart. The future becomes dark for it. Because it doesn’t trust its Lord. It worries about its provision(rizq). It hasn’t patience by hoping great reward from Almight Allah. Indeed remembrance of Allah releases the heart from the shackles of depression and life stress. Through the remembrance of Allah heart gets rest and assured. Remembrance of Allah doesn’t only mean prayer, but it is also knowing Him through seeking knowledge, for example,reading books, listening to cassettes, watching videos about Islam.

3. For rest- specifying the time for taking rest is very essential. When the mind can’t take rest, it rusts as iron rusts. For example, through sleeping, walking through the lands,participating in sport activities, we can take rest. According to your plan, during rest you may want to sleep. But sleep doesn’t come on time. So you are going to attach to internet by assuming you are taking a rest. Instead of this let your mind be free. Put away your mobile and lie down for 30 minutes. Although you haven’t slept, your mind gets refreshed rather than adding more loads by attaching to the internet. You prepare yourself for the next activity.

When we do task, let us keep away our devices. Let us put them in the other room and do our task. If we study in the study room, let us put them in sleeping room. If we need them, let us shut off the internet and take advantage of them. If we need the internet, let us close unnecessary windows and only use the specific one. Let us specify the time to use social media. By looking at the clock on the computer’s or mobile’s bars, let us hurry to get out of Facebook, Twitter and etc.

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