A Civilized Youth

In every generation there is a civilized youth who has transformed the world into a comfortable life space. I don’t mention here only past or present, male or female. I mention in general male and female in past and present. But I use ‘he/his’ pronoun to decrease repetition. The world has very needed of such youth in every moment. A civilized youth is a youth who has armed himself with beneficial knowledge and faith. A civilized youth is a youth who knows his/her goals and works hard to achieve them. Always he thinks high and great things and the greatness of his goals sheds light of happiness over his life. He doesn’t give room for the ridicule and mockery of people and negative feelings of the mind. His determination, spirit, disciplines, intention, will and patience are deep rooted. “If his intention is highly elevated, the brightness of determination will loom above him.”

He prepares himself to bear responsibility and obligation of his religion and nations. Every second is more precious than wealth to him. If seconds pass without doing fruitful tasks, they become source of sorrow and disturbances. He doesn’t waste and sell seconds. He is not addicted to a different addiction.  A civilized youth is a youth who strives to keep tidy and pure his heart more than his clothes and body. He is not ruled by vain desires and perishable pleasures. He controls them. He knows that following vain desire and perishable pleasures are cores of all evils. He knows consequences of these acts are more painful than the short lasting pain of patience. Patience leads to sweet and happy life while following vain desires leads to depression and anxious life.

He doesn’t worry for his/her future life. He trusts Allah in every of his action. His duty is working hard and hoping fruits from Almighty Allah. He is optimistic. He just follows his life. He follows Qur’anic and Prophetic teachings. He hasn’t iota of doubt concerning Allah and the Last Day. He knows that this world is perishing and doesn’t last forever. His main target is a next life(Akhira). So he doesn’t indulge in and worry for pershing world much. As a result he lives a happy life. He doesn’t care what people say concerning him. By transgressing his religious teachings, he doesn’t kill innocent people. He is merciful and humble towards humanity, although critics regard him as a terrorist.

May Allah make us among those of civilized youths who transform and reform the world.

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