Writing is one of the powerful tools of learning which implants words and sentences in the human mind. This one year’s journey passed by being a life experiment over myself and others. Alhamdulillah I entertain myself with writing. The more I write, the more I learn and be happy. When you are bored of reading if you write articles, you refresh your mind and remember what you was reading. Through writing my life has changed in this manner:

√ when you write or preach, you are putting restrictions on your soul. You are repressing your vain desire. You’re warning your soul not to do evil or to do good deeds. Fighting with soul and Satan is very difficult. You should use different technics to defeat these elements. Among this writing plays great role. If you shy of writing in public, try this: write down what challenging you in your life on paper or wallpaper of your computer or mobile phone. Write down what comes to your mind in your note. Then you see the change soon insha Allah. When using “You” pronoun, I am actually warning and advising first myself.
√ Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim said that mind is like mill(wofcho). When you put into it good grain, you will get good output. But if you put bad grain and soil, your output so does bad. Even it may make your mill out of use. If you make busy yourself with good thoughts, your mind has no room to think evil acts. If you form habit of writing, your mind also form habit of thinking good. If you busy yourself with worthless thing, you can’t taste real happiness.

√ Among experiment is this. People don’t want to hear or read our history. Rather they need what remove their challenges. Most of the time ear is deaf to hear “I,me and my” pronouns. As much as possible I have decreased usage of these pronouns from writings. Pardon I have used them much in this article. Second if you do something only to be admired by others, no one admires you. Myself I tried this repeatedly, but failed. I excelled my expectations, but my expectations failed. This is another lesson. Alhamdulillah. If you expect more admire, you throw yourself to depression and disappointment. These are one year’s experiments.

Taken from my ‘One year’s Journey’ in writing through facebook. If you are interested in, you can read more One Year’s Journey


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