How much we are busy, but poor performance

In human history busiest generation is seemed to be this. But the things that make it busy result in poor production and complexity of life. Right and left, front and back, we are fenced by technologies. This is the great trial and test. Negative effects of technology are outnumbering than that of positive. We are over indulged in using it. Technologies are advantageous if we use wisely. But the vice of this incurs us damages and loss. We should try our best to limit its usage. Today, addiction of the Internet is a headache for most of us. We use the internet for entertainment, learning, knowledge, teaching, and etc. Both haram(unlawful) and halal(lawful) are being done on the internet. Let’s see negative effects of the technology in brief.
1.Loss of happiness,depression,distress,grief, regret,disappointment, and etc. Let’s look to the internet such as Facebook chat,what’s up, Viber, in the general chat room. To refresh our mind, we may start chatting with someone and then we may end up in disappointment, insecurity, regret and more distress. This results in poor performance in our goals. Life is a combination of solitude and socialization. We should specify the time to be solitude to contemplate over our life and the time of meeting with a group of people. Today we have no time to meet with people and contemplate over life and creation. We glue to Chines screen and forget other parts of life. We try to search happiness on screen and satellite while happiness lies in our hands. Today living without internet for an hour is like living in hell. Look! How we become prey to internet. Whenever prey tries to escape, predators chase it to catch it up.
2. Loss of interest in seeking knowledge- If we look carefully, we can acquire much knowledge from the internet. There are people who think that the book published on the internet is incorrect and misleading. These arise from their confusion and loss of interest. Confusion emulates from doing bad things on the internet itself. Watching movies make the person blind and confused. While watching haram(unlawful)  things, it is difficult to differentiate between falsehood and truth, guidance and misguidance. If the eye of the heart becomes blind, what is the use of eye on the head? The heart is corrupted or guided by the thing that come to it through the eyes and ears. While there are stocks of works in front of us, don’t we be ashamed of saying there is no work? Rather than thinking

While there are stocks of works in front of us, don’t we be ashamed of saying there is no work? Rather than thinking of the work, we waste our time by wandering on the computer and phone screen.
This arises from not setting goals. Main goal becomes this shortest life.  What about pain and pleasure of the longest life(Hereafter)?
Always thinking of the shortest life makes the person short insight, low, dishonor, ignorant, arrogant, distress, grief and so on. If he fails in this shortest life, he thinks that his life has ended and he doesn’t have any other hope. This result in distress and hopeless. His worry is for the shortest goal not for the longest and ultimate aim. For all of this solution is seeking true knowledge that leads to happiness while limiting the usage of internet and keeping away from watching and listening to the haram(unlawful) things.
3. Source of temptation- Do we rethink with whom we are chatting? What we write is what we talk and think. When our desires start to kindle, without thinking about its consequences we find possible ways to cool this urgent call. At this time we forget patience and its fruits. Being patient by refraining from the unlawful act is less than its consequences. We start chat whether on social media or in another mean with marriageable person. If we don’t limit and cut off its root on time, our pain increases more than ever. The wise person is he/she who considers negative consequences of things and hinder its stem. If I say that delete facebook friend and his/her phone number, you may call me that you are the extremist and cut human relation. The answer is if you are free from what drifts in your mind and whispering, you taste happiness. Of course, you love that person but your love may not last as you want due to social media. This is what we are witnessing of newly married couples are divorcing within less than a year. If you love that person don’t waste deposits of love through social media.
These are a few of disadvantages of technology. Insha Allah I will come up with more tips in the future.



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