Precious Gem: The Way To Success

“Whoever wants to reach Allah and the Hereafter and attain all knowledge, crafts and authority in a way that he will be ahead of these matters and be followed in that, needs to be courageous, bold, in control of his desires, not to be governed by the authority of his imagination, renouncing all his needs, love what he is heading towards, knowing the way to it and the ways that interrupt it, and have strong intention and a firm will that nothing would turn him away from his aim. Such a person would not be affected by blame or reproach and usually be quiet and think seriously. He would never be inclined to follow either the pleasure of praise or the pain of dispraise. He would be secure of what he needs from all the means of support, would not be provoked by disagreements and would adopt the motto of patience and his relief would be found in working hard, love for high moral standards, being on time, being careful while mixing with people like a bird when it looks for its seeds, preserving himself through hope and fear, hoping for the results of being special above his kind, not to lose any of his senses in useless matters, and not to lose his mind in contemplating the levels of the universe. In order to achieve all that, he should abandon the habits and obstacles that lie between him and what he wants. The public used to say: to have hidden manners is better than losing one’s manners in public.”

Taken from alfawaid Collection of Wise sayings (p317)


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