Perfect Wise Sayings (Some are translated to Afan Oromo)

If you don’t work hard and face difficulties along your way in seeking glory, you will never taste honour and relief when you attain victory.

Ol guddinna barbaacha keessa yoo sirriitti jabbaatte hin hojjatinii fi rakkoon si hin qunnamin, yeroo injifannoo galmaan geessu kabajaa fi boqonnaa hin dhandhamtu.

  • Buy for yourself (through doing good deeds) while there is still a market and you have the ability to buy.

Osoo gabayaan jiruu fi dandeetti waa bitachuu qabduu, mataa keeti bitadhu (hojii gaggaarii hojjachuun).

  • If you indulge in pleasure, you are gambling with your life.

Garmalee fedhii keessa yoo gangalatte, jiruu kee waliin qumaari taphachaa jirta.

  • Buy success for yourself today, for the market still exists and the price is affordable, and goods are low-priced and don’t wait until the market and the goods are inaccessible in which Allah says:
  • “The Day He will assemble you for the Day of Assembly – that is the Day of Deprivation. And whoever believes in Allah and does righteousness – He will remove from him his misdeeds and admit him to gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever. That is the great attainment.”
    Tagbun 64:9
  • He who tastes the pleasure of good health, surely the bitterness of patience will become easy for him.
    Namni gammachuu fayyaa gaarii dhandhame dhugamaan hadhaan obsaa isatti laafti

You have been powerless for a long time, so if your intention is highly elevated, the brightness of determination will loom above you.
Yeroo dheeraf humna kan hin qabne turte. Kanaafu niyyaan kee sirritti yoo qajeele ifni ijjannoo keeti ol faagate sitti mul’ata.

The disparity of people is based on their determination rather than their images.
Garaagarummaan namoota suuraa isaani caalaa ijjannoo isaani irratti kan hundaa’edha.

  • Feeling powerless is a deceptive excuse.

Greed is not overcome except in overcoming vain desires.

The solitude of the ignorant is corruption while the solitude of the knowledgeable is fruitful.
Kophummaan walallaa badiidha, kophummaan nama beekaa immoo firii kan qabuudha.

  • If your enemy abuses you, don’t respond to his abuse for the result will be degradation.

Avenging oneself is not wise, for if you know the reality of your soul, you might inadvertently help your enemy against yourself.

Restrict your anger with tolerance, for anger is like a dog: if you set it free, it will cause damage.
Aarii kee wal danda’un hidhi. Aariin sareen wal fakkaata. Yoo gadii lakkistee miidhaa baay’ee geessa.

If determination is adopted in the state of powerlessness which is followed by strong resolution, surely the heart will be enlightened by the light of Allah.

If your aim is piety, other aims are never missed.

The worker, who wants to know his degree in the master’s eye, should first observe how much he works for him.

A sin causing submission is preferable in the Sight of Allah, than a good deed that causes pride.

Submission to Allah is the path to salvation.

. Vain Desire brings about pleasure at first then it causes distress.

He who remembers the consequence of sins, surely patience will become easy for him.

O you who spends his/her lifetime in disobeying his/her Lord! no one amongst your enemies is wicked to you more than you are at yourself.

Be sincere in your aim and you will find the support of Allah surrounding you.

Source: alfawaid Wise sayings Collection


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