For What Sin was She Murdered?

It is related that when a man from the Prophet’s Companions fell into a continual state of depression, Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said to him, “What is wrong with you that you are sad?” He said, “O Messenger of Allah during the Days of Ignorance, I indeed perpetrated a sin so great, I fear that Allah will not forgive me… !” Allah’s Messenger(SAW) said, “Inform me about your sin.” He said, “O Messenger of Allah,  I was from those who killed their daughters.” He continued, “Then a daughter was born to me and my wife interceded on her behalf, pleading with me that I should leave her alone, and so I left her until she grew up and became of age. She became one of the most beautiful of women and many proposed to her. I was overcome by a fit of fanaticism and my heart could bear neither to marry her off nor to leave her in the house without a husband. So I said to my wife,’I want to go to such and such tribe to visit my relatives, so send her with me.’ She pleased with that (arrangement) and she then adorned her with nice clothing and jewellery. She took many promises from me that I should not treacherous with her. I took her to a well and she sensed that I wanted to throw her inside, so she hugged me, crying and saying, ‘My father, what do you wish to do to me?’ I had mercy on her then, but when I looked into the well, I was again overcome by a fit of fanaticism. She hugged me and said,  ‘My father, do not waste the trust of my mother.’I began to look once at the well,  then once at her, at which time I had mercy on her, but the Satan  overcame me (in the end) and I took her and threw her upside down into the well. She was calling from the well, “O my father, you have killed me. I remained there until her voice broke off and I then returned.” Allah’s Messenger (Peace & Blessing of Allah Upon Him) as well as his Companions cried and he said, “Had I been ordered to punish anyone for what they did during the Days of Ignorance, I would have punished you.”

Taken from Gems and Jewels p 212-213 Darus-salam publishing

What a grave sins ISLAM removed! Woman honoured through ISLAM. They were being buried alive, then ISLAM made them a queen of society. Let those who are confused with right of women in Islam study history. Not only history it’s enough to see women are being used as  material.  Advertising without women can’t be advertisement. This shows how woman are subjugated in Western societies.


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