Virtues of Setting Goals

In reality setting goals may seem to us a difficult task. Because before thinking great things we look at our capacities. Setting goals means putting your future ambition forward. It emanates from a desire to do that. Once your desire sparked, every day you contribute to your goals. However, there are some obstacles which hinder us from setting goals. Among these are: Intention and negative feelings

Your intention may be to be famous. You want to be famous in one step like today’s film actors. This is a vain hope. Or your intention may be to serve the community for the sake of Allah. Be aware that your intention can’t be strong in one step. But seek Allah’s help to upright your intention.

For as negative feelings- It is the main factor that hinders us from setting goals. Your mind says, “It is impossible, you can’t do. Why you think for things you can’t achieve? ” and other thousand negative feelings drift in our minds. The brave is the one who jumps these bars. So by putting these feelings aside, we can set our whole life goals. If you interested in, you can read more from “Causes of failure from our goals”.

Let us come back to virtues of setting goals:
1. Setting goals, make your life easy-going. Every day you think about goals. The more you add new things to your goal, the more you become happy. Every new thing you add to your goal make you hopeful rather than hopeless and desperation. You don’t lead a boring life. You haven’t pessimistic rather you been optimistic.
2. You would save your life capital- Your main life capital is not money, rather it is your time. You don’t know the preciousness of time unless you use it wisely. The more you invest it, the more you become stingy with your time. You don’t have time to have chat on social media unnecessarily. You don’t have time to have B.F or G.F.
3. You would feel responsible- The one who doesn’t know his goal, how can he be responsible for his actions? As days pass, you feel that your responsibility is increasing. Thus, it invites to you to do your best to fulfil those responsibilities.
4. It makes you brave- You know for what purpose you are living here. You wouldn’t surrender to your enemy easily, if you know your future goals.

Setting goals has many virtues that I don’t know. Specify your goal if you didn’t. Write it down. To remember until you are accustomed to, make it wallpaper on your computer, phone and etc. But don’t let negative feelings drag you. Fight them in patience. You just fight them for a certain time. Afterward, you start to know that how much your goal is valuable and precious. Achieving goals is a long process that needs patience and strives.


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