Alcohols, Cigarette, Khat, Hasheesh and etc Worst Suicide Bombs

Today there is no place where hasn’t been bombarded by these bombs. Countless human life and resources are being under these attacks. Humanity unable to defeat, at least one of them. So much so they are breeding and fortifying their weapons capacities in which they attack human. It is not too much to say that their weapons are more powerful than American Nuclear bomb. Because if you are attacked by nuclear bomb your fate will be just death. But if you are attacked by above enemies, you should undergo torture of Guantanamo bay prison before you taste agony of death. Would you like to taste this agony or just lead magnificent life by being free from them? 

Today university students have surrendered to these enemies easily. While they are in this situation, their and their country’s future seems to be in the very hazardous situation. They aren’t only killing themselves but also they are killing others this means they are committing suicide. For example, when they smoke cigarettes they act as active others would be passive.
Once addicted by these enemies, it’s difficult to get rid of them. One may start them in a different way. But the majors are influence of friends and stimulus.
These two things never help you if you think so. They never be an architect of your life building rather they are bomber of it. If you start them for the sake of your friend due to real love he/she have for you let him/her be buried with you when you die while being alive. If you think they bring zeal of study, make sure that you are cramming white phosphorus into your brain.
In our life journey, however, we may coincide to these enemies. Prior to going to battle field we should have necessary weapon we may defeat them otherwise they debase us.


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