A Manifestation of Justice

It has been related that one of the son of Amr bin Al-Aas (May Allah pleased with him), the governor of Egypt, struck a young Christian Egyptian with his whip. This young Egyptian complained to the Leader of Believers, Umar İbn Al-Khattab (May Allah pleased with him), who in turn wrote to the governor and asked his immediate presence along with his son.  Umar also invited the young man who had been stricken.

When they all gathered in Umar’s chamber where he issued rulings, Amr’s son admitted that he had wronged the young man. The leader of Believers(Umar)  handed his whip to the Christian boy and said to him, “Strike this son of the most noble.” The boy raised his whip and struck the son of the governor. Umar said, “Strike Amr’s forehead as well.” The boy responded, “O Leader of Believers, I have already stricken the one that struck me.”  Umar said, “By Allah, had you stricken him, I would not have prevented you, for this son of Amr only hit you under authority of his father.” Turning to Amr, Umar related a renowned saying to him: “When have you taken people for slaves, when their mothers have borne them as ones that are free?”

Taken From Gems and Jewels p.52


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