From Boring To Enjoyable Life

Last year when we were Turkish learning center, we were given two weeks break. For me,I don’t for others, it was boring life. Even I said on fb “I am bored” Then someone commented,”Remember Allah.” I hadn’t known what to do in these two weeks. Do you know what was the reason behind? We hear from friends saying,”Life is boring”. The solid reason was “There was no goal except one”. In your life if you follow only one way,you deserve to boring, tasteless, unhappy life. You should review your goal to get what you want.
Thanks be to Allah after five months of Turkish learning, I started reading books. I started setting goals. I put forward four main goals. These all four goals need everyday devotion. Alhamdulillah life started being enjoyable and happy. Alhamdulillah every day new ingredient is added to life.
This year we are given one-month break. Thanks be to Allah, this one month is not as boring as last year of two weeks. I had planned what to do after exams. After exam finished, I started my plan. Alhamdulillah, I have learned much what I hadn’t known before. Life becomes fantastic in this manner.
Watching movies never ever make the life happy. Rather, it makes boring and tasteless. The one who does so is making his mind prey for mental disturbance and psychological problems.
The more you acquire knowledge that leads to happiness, the more your life becomes easy and enjoyable.

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