Fault and Mistake Fixation

When fault and mistake happen, their pain sickens the heart. Mind remember it so much that it becomes a source of boring and unhappiness. It doesn’t know the notion of ‘past is passed never to return.’ It tries to return spat and dried saliva to the mouth.

We as a human, we make mistakes and faults every day. Every mistake is not as bad as we think. It happened to warn us to return from the wrong way, to reform our way of life. Simply fixing them means reforming our life. We may use different techniques to fix them. We should note that every fault and mistakes cannot be fixed within one second or minute. It asks time and gradual process. The one who tries to climb the mountain in one step is the one who is vulnerable to harm. We should walk a step by step to deal with our faults. But starting now to fix it is our turning point in reformation of life. At first, we try to fix our worst fault. If we are addicted to different addiction, we try our best to git rid of such a big fault. We use different possible ways to get rid of such worst fault.

First let us write down our faults that lead us to boring and unhappy life. To remember as much as possible, we can make it wallpaper of our computer or mobile phone.This reminds us not to repeat while we are unaware of. Of course, showing our faults to others is not a wise way. We should conceal it as Allah Most Merciful conceals for us.

If the fault we did has harmed others, we try our best to apologize and allay their injury. No matter how much we have powerful, the power of oppressed overtakes ours one day. How many are there who boast in their power ,but later they are underfoot. Apologizing to weak means  admitting our fault and giving their due rights. This never decreases our status rather it opens the door for a happy life.

While remembering these faults, negative feelings and inferiority complexes drift in our minds. At this a moment we should be patient to jump these bars. Unless we jump them, we are not able to achieve success. They drag us  from heading to success. We try our best, not to give a room for the past action that nothing to do with the present.


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