Causes of Failure from our Goals

There are many factors that cause us to fail in our goals. Among them let’s discuss a few of them.
1. Intention – in every of our steps intention is very important. The person who sets his goals should first specify his intention. Otherwise, he/she fails soon. Why do I want to be an author? Why do I want to be a scholar? Why do I want to be a doctor? Why do I want to be such and such…..? DO I want to be an author for the sake of status and money or for the sake of Allah to reform myself and the community? Is it not a big question? If I want to be an author for the sake of status, then if no one respects me I obliged to stop writing. But If to change the community, I always think their problems more than mine. Even if no one respects me, I know my purpose. I don’t care about their respects. Purifying intentions is the first step to success.

2. Negative feelings: The one who sets goals is in the battle-field of emotion. The battlefield between his mind and goals. Mind says “You can’t do this. Because it is difficult. Don’t you see how many people failed? Why do you exert your efforts for the thing you can’t do? Its time is too long.” and other thousand negative feelings drift in our mind. Not only battle of mind, but also there are battle of people around us. They try to look down upon us. They ridicule us and our goals. This may arise from their jealousy and thinking downward. Unless we resist these ill feelings, we fail in our goals in a short time. By reading books and listening to scholars that kindle the desire for our goals, we can resist it.

3. Wasting time: this is one of the great factors which cause us to fail in our goals. This may be by wasting time on social media, being talkative, excessive indulgence and etc. Every second is a priceless jewelry that is given to us from Almighty Allah. While wasting time, saying, “I can be such and such” cannot be a real goal except wishful dreaming and thinking. Everyday by thinking and contributing to our goals, we can resist time wasting.

4. Interruption: Interrupting our goals for a long time makes us forget it completely. It may arise from trouble and unsatisfactory. We should do our best to overcome such interruption.
These are the most factors which make us fail in our goals. We should take care of these and like of them to achieve our goals.

Until we meet by another topic may peace and blessing of Allah be upon you.


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