Be A Strong Version Of Yourself!

Be strong version of yourself. I am saying this again and again “Be strong version yourself!” Because good and strong words stimulate and motivate the hearts. Yes human being is not born with perfectness and knowledge. He acquires all of this after he came into the world. The world is a place of harvesting bad and good things. Always opposites go in parallel. The human being is given a freedom of choosing which one is good & bad. He has been given the intelligence of separating good and bad. So which one do we choose to be successful in our life, both in this world and Hereafter?
Yesterday I could be a worst of all. But today Can I not be another version of myself? Insha Allah, nothing prevents me from being so. Yes, I have thousand defects and faults. So can these faults and defects prevent me from changing my version? They can’t unless I prevent myself from doing so. I should search for a way that I can be a strong version of myself. I should differentiate my faults and success. For my faults I should fix them right now. For my success I should strengthen it.
The time to be a strong version of yourself didn’t pass. Unless you start now, the time to be a strong version of yourself is passing. By seeing your faults and defects, why do you think downward? Sparkle the zeal of being a great man. The great man is not a person who is well known in the world and every time appearing in the media. But it is a person who can reform and change the world for the sake of Allah not for the sake of status.
Do you know our enemy didn’t defeat us by war, but they defeat us by brainstorming. They make us think of ourselves downward. They have erased the feeling of being strong by different means. They have implanted plants of hatred and immorality in our hearts. So a person devoided of morality and good virtues is a person who prepares himself and the community for the disasters. Let me remind you what the colonizer said: ” A drinking glass and bottle of wine destroy a Muhammadan nation than a thousand cannon can do. Thus try your best to let this nation be overwhelmed by materialism and luxury.”
At missionary’s conference in Jerusalem priest Zoimer said “You have raised up a generation in a Muslim country that doesn’t have any submission to Allah. Consequently, this Muslim nation vindicating(supporting) the aim of colonization. So it is a generation with no ambition to achieve great things. Rather, it becomes fond of laziness. Further, it exerts its energy exclusively for luxury. So if they gain money or achieve eminent position,worldly targets are their only concern.”
Thus we have witnessed what they said. Let us think to be great. Past is passed never to return. The future hasn’t come yet. Our day is only today to implant strong version of ourselves in our life. Our enemy has not only been producing movies for money, but to defeat us what they cannot by weapon. Let us shut their windows and begin our window of the strong version of ourselves.

The above quotes are taken from “Child Education In Islam” By Abdullah Nasih Ulwan (page 204)


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