Reflection For A Moment

Let’s reflect for a moment on ourselves. Subahanallah! Allah proportioned us in the best of manners. What we were before coming to the world? We were a disgusting drop of water from our mother and father. So Can this drop of water come together and form strong human being by itself? From the sperm to clinging clot, then to a lump and then to a bone and then the bone is covered with flesh. What an amazing creation! But we fail to contemplate on ourselves.

How many faculties our head carries? Allah Be Exalted! All our senses are on the head. Our thinking generator is on the head.

Let’s look at our eyes.It is an observer of the whole world which positioned over our head. If it were over our stomach or hand or leg., what would happen? Can we observe the world from stomach or leg? Let alone the internal part of the eye, look how Allah puts it in the cave of head. Look at someone who hasn’t eye, how it’s hard for him to see the world.
Look at the ear, receiver of auditory. Look at the person who lost this faculty. Everybody doesn’t want to stay with him/her. Because he is lack of one faculty. How blessed we are! But where is our gratitude to Almighty Allah Who granted us these all faculties? Let’s look how precious they are! No matter how much we are poor, we never exchange at least one faculty with the whole world. Allah be Exalted. Let us look at our heart, pumper of blood. Every minute it beats 72 times. Have you heard in your life who changed his heart out of exhaustion of pumping blood? Heart is king of other organs.

Let’s look at our tongue, communication mechanism, which connects us to the world. We speak whatever we wish. How it is easy to stretch it!

Look! How Allah honored us more than any creature. He beautified us with tongue to speak,with brain to think, with leg to walk, with hand to do our job,with eyes to see the world,with heart to pump blood,with ear to hear and listen, with lung to breath, with many faculty for unique functions!
But look again! how most of us are ungrateful to  Allah for so many graces He has granted us.


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