Marriage is a foundation of community and the world. When it deviated from its main objective, community and the world get disordered. The sole of this distortion is lack of knowledge about marriage. The second one is finishing a credit of love before marriage. Is it not right? So what shall we do?

Love is one thing. Marriage is another issue. When someone talks to us about marriage, we become happy. Because Love is instinct nature which Allah puts between us. But to fulfil this hasty desire, we look for different ways. If not controlled, Love makes the person blind and deaf. He/she doesn’t want to know about their future life except responding to the urgent call that is love.
It is very essential to know:
Whom you are going to marry
How to choose him/her
After marriage, how to make love survive and sustainable
How to grow up children
How to treat your children and wife
how to deal with relatives
How to establish Justice in home and outside it
How to tackle marriage problems and another related issue.

Unfortunately, we are far from knowing these. We waste our time on worthless things rather knowing about our current and future life. We have extremely high interest to have spouse, but we have extremely low interest for knowledge. We are shy to read and ask about marriage however we are not shy to watch movies about love whole day. Why these all? Look! to what disaster we are heading. Everyday movies and films are produced about Love. Their main target is youth. To make us like animal. To make us live boring and disordered life. What are we gaining from watching Love movies? Nothing except wasting time and boring.
They only burst our heart  by fantasies.

Lastly Do not be shy from learning about marriage if you want easy-going future life. We have much time. However, we have extremely low interest to invest it wisely. We are not aware of time’s value until we use it to acquire knowledge and produce new things.


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