The Differences Between Man and Woman

Understanding the differences

1. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

Men are more into hardware stuff like gadgets, tools, computers etc Women are more into social relationships like meeting people and talking. Fulfill each other value and grow in this manner.

2. Understanding the different values

Men don’t like to be criticized. Women like to grow and make everyone grow around them

3. Crises approach, and coping with stress

Men like to withdraw – that’s their nature – don’t chase him. he will come back to you later. Women like to go outside and speak – just listen to her – sometimes she just wants you to listen to her and not give her solutions. Sometimes she might as for solutions as well

4. The motivation power

Men need to see that she need her help – he feels comfortable with this. Women should submit to this. Women usually give because they care and they don’t give unless they feel confident (emotionally)
5. Expressing feelings through different languages
6. Our emotional differences

Men work like rubber bands and they will eventually come back. Women are like waves
A Final Advice How to win the heart of your wife? How to win the heart of your husband?

Exchange gifts

Give her quality time –FULL ATTENTION

Exchange looks –eye language, give her a smile,

Use poetry if you know it

Make leaving and coming special for her

Try to work things together

Going out together

Source Fiqh Of Love


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