Depression arises from different factors. Among these are as follows:
Losing beloved ones
Losing business
Failing exams
Separating from B.F or G.F- the most prevalent in today’s youth
Sleeplessness and etc….

So what should we do when we are in these states?
Being patient is the first emergency state. Life is full of obstacles. The one who overcomes these obstacles is not the one who has power and force, but it is the one who has patience and knowledge. Patience is a converter of bitter to sweet. Of course being patient is not easy for everyone.
If we lose our beloved ones, let us look at those who are losing their live every day by war to the east and west. If we do this, then we consider that everyone is inflicted by this test. So our depression decreases.
As for business let us rethink that this world is Come and Go.In a business sometimes we are at mountain summit, sometimes in Valley. We are losers in business due to different factors. It may be due to corruption, imbalance in giving and taking, cheating wrongdoing to weak people, boost, usury and etc. While we are doing wrong action to ourselves and others, we are deserved to be losers in business. It is warning us “Brother Don’t Do these! It is enough for you. be Just and honest” So by being aware of our faults and fixing them, we are get rid of depression of business.

AS for failing exams, it may arise from, not studying, carelessness, financial problems, boosting on classmates and etc. We may study hard, but still we may not successful. Studying is one thing, success is other thing. Studying lessons are our first success but results are not in our hand. Most of the time after studying we don’t be hopeless, but without studying we bear difficult loads such as hopelessness, depression and etc. After studying if we fail exams we can lessen our depression by looking at thousand student who can’t pass.

As for separation of B.F or G.F It ıs easy to note that separation from Boy or Girl F is warning us that what we are doing is destructing our current and future life. It says ” O brother or sister! until now it is enough for you. Change your lifestyle. Be a new version of yourself. Throw your burden and etc…..”
So it should be a good news for us rather than depression. So we should be happy and change our life course.


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