How To Form DEEP DESIRE For Our Goals

We may set a long term goal but we may have not deep desire. Because of fear of failure, mistakes, notion of very hard and impossible. If we don’t have deep desire for our long term goals, we  fail soon before achieving them. To form deep desire for our goal is not easy. Because mind says to us;
If you want to be a medical doctor, mind says “You can’t, it’s very hard. Its time is very long.” If you want to be Author/writer , it says “You can’t be. It’s impossible. You can’t read thousand books. You can’t write a book and etc.”
The same applies for other works that seem very difficult for mind.
To get rid of such notion of mind, first we should set long and short term goals. Short term goals are contributors of our long term goals. If someone wants to be author, he should plan how many books that he should read in a week or month.
All in all how can we form deep desire for our goals?
1. First and the first one is having enough knowledge about our goals. Saying to own self “Even though this goal is very long and exhaustive, its fruit will benefit the whole world.” Reading more books and articles about our goal to have more knowledge of its future fruits.
2. Making triggers. Which means something that remind you about your goal. For example if you want to be Author, Doctor, and your ultimate Goal in Janna(Paradise).  you make these words wallpaper of your phone and computer. This make you have a deep desire for goal every time you open them. Don’t tell about your goals to many people because they’re envious.
To make this wallpaper use PowerPoint then save it  as JPG  file format.
3. Seeking help from Allah. We do nothing without His help. So Dua(Supplication) is one way to form deep desire for goals.
4. To use our time wisely, we can use different techniques. If we are addicted to social media, we should get rid of them. Otherwise we may fail soon. I am not saying that avoid usage of them completely but restricting time for them.
At The End Don’t Forget this
” Closed Minded People Will See A Seed As Just A Seed…Open Minded People Will See A Seed As A Tree…But TRUE Visionaries Will See A Seed As An ENTIRE FOREST!”


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