Why do you humiliate yourself?

Have ever thought to reach a high level of success? Have you ever thought to be among great men/women in human history? Do you have a desire to leave a great legacy for future generation?
If you don’t think all of these, what prevent you from doing so? You say;
1. I can’t reach this level because it is hard. If you think everything hard and difficult you do nothing in your life. Throw from your mind the notion which says “This is difficult, you can’t do. It is impossible” to public garbage. How did those people reach that level? They are the same to us.
2. I have too many faults. Let me ask you, have you killed any one? Have you robbed any one’s home and bank? Don’t you know that there were people who killed their child, but after years, then they became leader of the world. They shun page history. Like Umar İbn Al-Khattab (RA)
Don’t you know people who were bank robber,drinker,gambler, but sometimes after they changed their life in prison and changed others after released from prison. Like Malcom X (Malik al Shabab). So why do you humiliate yourself by your faults? Why do you not start now to fix them.
Do you know the difference between us and them? They had a deep desire to do what they want. Be careful I am saying DEEP DESIRE not great efforts. Great efforts come after forming deep desire. Deep desires make us to invest our time carefully.
3. Fear of failure. Do you know anyone who succeeded without any failure and fault? You never find such people in the world. Let not failure and faults frighten you, start the journey to great change.
Why do you restrict your goal just to get married, have jobs, and then death? Think for a moment you can have some greater than these. Think, Think……….



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