The Marriage Crisis

The Marriage Crisis bY

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How men are treated in a family is a BIG clue as to how YOU will be expected to behave. If men are put on pedestals and treated like kings, unable to do much for themselves, this is a sign they have been spoiled by the women. In particular look at how a mother (and sisters) treats her son – does she fuss unnecessarily over him? Does she do everything while her son sits back and allows his mother to run rings around him? Does the mother make excuses for him? Do they praise their son unnecessarily or excessively? Do they paint a picture of their son as an angel who can do no wrong?
If so, this is a big clue that he is a ‘mummy’s boy’ – such boys are usually (not always) spoilt, selfish and rarely think of anyone except themselves. Marriages to ‘mummy’s boys’ are rarely happy or successful – especially if the sister is expected to live with the in-laws.
BIG TIP FOR BROTHERS! Is the sister you are looking to marry treated like a princess or does she act and behave like one? Is she well-accustomed to home life or does she value career and money over the home? It’s GOOD for sisters to be ambitious and hard working, since they are able to help and
support you throughout life. However, there’s a HUGE difference between sisters who are hardworking and want to help their marriage thrive and those who EXPECT to live the life of a single person when they are married.
So here are some things to consider – does she do as she pleases or does she actively look at ways of pleasing her parents and her Creator? Is she TOO independent (does she go on holidays with friends, spend a lot of time out of the house with friends or does a lot of frivolous shopping etc) and does she avoid responsibility at home? Is she naturally a pleasant and easy going person or does she have unrealistic expectations of married life? If so, you will have a hard time pleasing her in a marriage. A person who is content in the small things in life will always have enough, whereas those who complain or expect too much are never ever pleased – no matter what you do for them.
Brothers who marry sisters of a demanding nature whose families give them the best of everything need to think twice before entering into such a marriage.



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