How to form Habit of Reading books

As every sawed seeds can’t yield desirable production, every read book can’t bring great advantages in our life. We may read book for entertainment like fiction, for learning religious knowledge, to gain money, and etc. So it’s important to select correct book which can change our life otherwise it may be wasting and killing time. You may say “I have developed the habit of reading Moor anatomy or Thomas calculus books” That’s good you have been broadening the knowledge of your body and materials. But you may lack in developing the knowledge of your inner parts(spiritual) which is main generator of our mechanism.
How can we develop voracious appetite for book?
We can’t form habit of something which we haven’t started yet. We may start but we may no longer stick to it.
To develop our habit of book reading in our every minute of life;
√ Start from very few pages of book. It may be 50 or 100 pages. You may read articles on your telephone or iPad while on train, bus and other waiting times. To save your articles you may use pocket  application

√ Then continue without break reading next book with more pages. Develop the habit of downloading very interesting book on your phone to read while you go out. But don’t download so many books at once. Download just one or two.
√ Don’t give your time for worthless talking with friends rather read your book. Because book is where you entertain, broaden your knowledge, change your behaviour, shed light of happiness over your heart, become wise personality, and encompasses other many benefits. So don’t let time escape you with worthless talking. Stick to your habit. Don’t give the room for those who are trying to ridicule you.
√ Of course at first reading many pages of book may frighten and frustrate you. When you see 500 or more pages of book, you may think that it’s impossible to read on telephone or computer. Let not its number of pages frighten you. Say with with confidence “I can read. The author didn’t stop writing these pages why do I be exhausted reading it?” Actually reading and writing is not the same.
Don’t care about number of pages of book.
Reading book on train, bus or other waiting time forbid you from seeing and thinking haram(unlawful) things.
So stick to reading book where ever you go. While others scrolling up and down facebook, twitter, what’s up and other social media, you are gaining thousand benefits from reading on your telephone. So be wise with your life


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