Is Setting Goals Easy?

In this life everyone has goal except he who lives like animals. But their gaols are different. One may think to be great both in this life and Hereafter. On the other hand other may think in the deep of valley.
Setting goal is more difficult than working to achieve it. Because to set goal we should ask ourselves these three questions which are foundation of goals?

1.what can I do or what do I want to be?
2. Why do I want to do this or want to be this?
3. How can I do this?
The first and third questions are easier than second one? The question ‘WHY?’ is manual of our gaol. Every action asks us “Why you do me?” It may seem easy for many but it’s cause of failure of many people. Even if trouble befalls us we don’t flee from our goal if we are able to answer this question well. There is no room for wasting time. Always hardworking to achieve it.

When I try to set my gaol, I watched Ustaz Yasin Nuru video on “What’s your Goal” which he gave lecture in Dubai. I try to set goals. But I failed soon, I didn’t act upon my goals. When I came Turkey, the first book I found was “Düşün ve Başar (Think and Success)”.  This answered some extent of above questions but failed in ” Why”. Then i went to other book with the same author “Ruhsal Zeka(Spiritual Intelligence). This give the clue for ” WHY ” but it didn’t answer completely. To search for “Why” I have read at least 6 books. I have set four main goals out of which I can’t still answer “why” fully for second goal although my reading is going on. It’s not necessary to list them here.
it’s “Why” word that is basic of our goal. Why do I seek knowledge? To be famous or for sake of Allah? Is it not difficult in this era when we are being surrounded by endless desires and whims to give correct answer for ‘Why’? I get shocked when i read signs of “End Of The World” by Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi  which says “Knowledge will be sought for the reason other than Allah.”
We all  crave to be important person. Our importance may be in bad or good. Some may want to be famous by being robber and murderer. Others may want to be singer and footballer to prove their importance. Other may want to be Daa’i(preacher) for sake of Allah. All these things arouse from “Why” word.  While our heart is filled with self importance, it’s difficult to answer “Why” word correctly to achieve ultimate goal.


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