What are the negative effects of Using internet for a Long time?

Today internet becomes souls of youth. Mobile and hands are glued together like bones. Usage of internet is passing its limit. Most of us without being aware of harmful side of something by only focusing on its advantages we go on using it. We are aware of after tasting its harmfulness. in case of internet although we have tasted its harmfulness, we have still continued killing too much time on it. In short internet has the following side effects:

1. Lose of interest for seeking knowledge. We have been such engrossed to internet and TV that we failed to know our own religion and history. After reading five or six pages, we throw the book there and return to our time consumer. Due to this depression and desperation become prevalent diseases.

2. Lose of happiness, creativity, self confidence and etc. The more we browser the internet, the more we lose happiness. To create or think new things, it needs time and good atmosphere. To create new things we are sending time to unknown source. To think in fresh atmosphere, our phone’s beeps are polluting our mind.

3. Prevalence of tribulations and temptation. Today among great success of sheytan is internet. Through internet fornication and adultery prevailed. Without knowing his/her identity, we start chatting and typing messages. We don’t know whether he/she is our enemy and wants to attack us. We circulate all personal information on internet. Imam ibn Qayyim says “One of the favourite tricks of sheytan(Satan), which deceives everyone except those who are clever enough to see it, is to show a person some goodness in a wrong thing and call him to go towards what is good; when the person gets close to it, he falls into the trap.” Yes sheytan shows us some goodness in facebook,What’s up, viber and etc to connect with  marriageable person. He says “you will get reward if you write to her/him(opposite sex)’ Assalamu aleykum wr wb’ for sake of Allah.” Have you seen how much we are fooled?

4. Collapse of Human relations: Today we are losing the opportunity to learn story of forefathers, story of animals from our grandfather/mother due to lack of face to face relation. Every child run to game or internet after school. They doesn’t care about family even themselves. We make comfortable writing on the screen rather than talking to each other. We are losing the skill of speaking. Through writing we don’t know the person we are writing for may be disappointed by our single word. The way we are going to say may be different from his/her. Cyber bullying widespread on internet. As internet has many advantages, its disadvantages is outnumbering the former one. The generation is heading to disasters. I stop my writing here. May Allah make us who control and benefit from internet.


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