Fornication and Its effects Fornication has the following meaning according to Merriam Webster dictionary “Consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other. ” But adultery is taken place between married ones. Today generation is being destroyed by fornication and adultery. Through such acts generation can’t produce intelligent and productive offsprings. The first effect of fornication and adultery is mental torture. The person to fulfil his five or ten minutes desire, he commits such acts. Although he/she gets little pleasure while committing it, the mental torture he/she feels afterwards is very painful and continuous.

Although no one sees him/her while committing it except Allah, he/she feels debased and ashamed in community. He/she tortures internal feeling although he/she seems happy. Internal feeling has no freedom, no happiness, no pleasure, it is filled with pain of fornication/adultery. Of course human being do mistakes. To fulfill five minutes desire, he/she throws himself/herself to destruction. Patience is way to change bitterness to sweetness. patience has also it has own pain. But what makes different pain of patient and fulfilling five minutes desire is that after patience someone would taste sweetness of pleasure and live happy life, get internal freedom and so on. But after fulfilling five or ten minutes desire he/she would get vise versa results. I mean lose of happiness and internal freedom. As cloth is washed repeatedly getting fade, human desires also getting fade and at the end may result in catastrophic life. In our daily life we hear that so and so killed his/her girlfriend/boyfriend and committed suicide. Have you seen that these are results of fading of desire and lust?

In short fornication and adultery cause:

  • torture of mind
  • lose of happiness and pleasure from life.
  • lose of sweetness of Iman
  • depression and stress
  • desperation or hopelessness
  • corruption of offsprings
  • suicide
  • divorce and family dispersions
  • spread of diseases and etc

Its solution is turning to Allah with sincere repentance. May Allah protect us from it.


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