For our Future Doctors- part 2


In this short article we are not only going to discuss about our future doctors, but also about future engineers, lawyers, judge, manager, and other fields of study. Because after finishing our school, we would enter to job world’s. In this world of job we would deal with our colleagues, managers, employees and people around us.
We are going to form new job atmosphere where we create new friends, new life. To deal with people is more far difficult than studying our lessons or working our job if we don’t know the tactics by which we deal with them. Unfortunately today’s universities don’t teach us how to deal with people rather they clog our mind with Latin words and calculus. Managers know well how to do their particular job but they fail to know how to deal with their employees. This makes them losers. To strengthen the bond between us and other people let’s try our best to apply these principles:
1.Smile– smiling is way in which we can open emotional bank account in human heart. Our credit that we have in emotional bank account may increase or decrease due to different factors. When we make angry someone, he/she may make our credit zero that is love towards us. By smiling let us increase our credit in emotional bank account that we do have in human heart. Let our face be bright with smiling
2. Appreciation – I think one of the cause of great advancement in America in technology is appreciation. Appreciation is way we create in human mind sprit of self confidence, creativity, new way of thinking, hardworking and etc. By appreciation we are not actually decreasing our status rather we are being beneficiary and increasing our love for each other. If we say “You are doing wonderful job, keep it up” ,is there any thing decreasing from our way of thinking or status. No at all. Let’s prepare to appreciate our future wife for making delicious food. The same applies for girls to appreciate their future husband when he does good acts. Pardon for those who have already been married let they appreciate each other. Let the love between you increase.
Let’s appreciate nurses who would struggle with patient whole day rather than looking them down. Let’s encourage and appreciate our colleagues and employees for their achievements.
3. Decreasing Criticism and argument: Criticism is a whip by which we lash someone’s mind. Pain of Criticism is severer than pain of whip which lashes human body. As for arguments most of the time we argue with a person either to gain victory over him/her or to debase him/her. This kind of argument doesn’t work in life. Criticising and arguing anyone for his all atom mistakes, makes us foolish of all. Rather than criticising him/her, let’s use different tactics and diplomacies either to correct his/her mistakes or persuade to the our way of thinking. If he/she is wrong, let’s not begin our argument by saying “you’re wrong”. This makes him/her not only frustrated but makes hatred towards us. Rather let’s say ” I may be wrong. I frequently am . let’s examine the facts.” By just saying this we can extinguish the fire without finding any fire extinguisher. Rather than talking just by ourselves let’s give the chance for a person who argue with us. ” Seeing things in another person’s eyes  may ease the tensions when the personal problems becoming overwhelming.”
Human relations is a great issue which needs deep study and research. Studying deeply and researching it is not mandatory for learners but for the one who wants to be lecturer can do it.
There are many to say but time obliged me to stop here. Until we meet by other article may peace and blessing of Allah be upon you

•Enjoy Your Life- By Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi (Darrusalam publication)
•How to win friends and influence people- by Dale Carnegie


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