For Our Future Doctors-Part 1


First of all I would like to congratulate you for being medical student. You are lucky for being medical student. You are our future doctor. You bear great responsibility before and after graduation. So keep your promise in mind. I had been offered medicine when I was in Ethiopia by Ethiopian government. Although I applied medicine at first for Turkey scholarship, I offered mechanical engineering. Alhamdulillah I am lucky at both time. But I am more lucky for studying mechanical in Turkey. Because I have double field. One is mechanical the other one is writing. Writing is the way I have changed myself in a short time. Both writing and mechanical are as challenging as medicine or more than it. If you want to be a good writer, you should always think, write, read and not waste any second without work. Otherwise you may be fish without water. By thinking you may lose sleep.

Yes we hear the wave from environment which sounds “Medicine is very hard, very difficult”. It’s more difficult to bear this waves than starting medical school. You start with confusion and terror. Yes life is always dark  for those who joke and don’t work but for those who work it’s light and bright. So is its hardness makes you flee or anxious? Start something with calm if you want real success in life no matter what ever shout you hear from surrounding.
When you start medical school, it means you  have started hitting rocks. If you don’t continue until rocks change to cement, you can’t build beautiful house. So go on hitting it with patient no matter how much you are bored and tired.

First when you set your goal, you ask yourself “why I do such and such?” No one deny the first goal of studying medicine is for money except few. Studying it to help society has back seat. Is it not true?
Although its bad sides upset you, you have many opportunities after graduating. “You have plenty of job opportunities upon graduating, working with people, the ability to help people directly and make them happiness, Respect in society, Safe job, career, and lifestyle and so on.”#

You may face the following big challenges, when you’re in hitting this rock according to Anton Gervaziev
1. Medical terminology
2. Workload
3. Motivation and burnout
Breaking down medical terminology to its building blocks will aid in formulating the definition, rather than just remembering it. A tried and tested method is flash cards – never underestimate their usefulness.*
With medical terminology you may feel hopeless and in dark world. You memorised last week, but this week something/someone has stolen from your mind. Have you thought what it may be? I have friend studying nurse. He would delete what he memorised before a week due to continuous watching movies. Be careful these social media.
As above doctor and others say to decrease workload is to work in team. You can’t success in medicine unless you work in team.

Ishak et al. (2013) have found that more than half of all medical students will suffer from burnout. It is a serious and complex problem. Contributors include lack of appropriate mentorship, poor exercise habits, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, lack of autonomy, stress in the work place, exposure to trauma etc. *
Read more on this

For this short life, don’t burn yourself. You’re studying what human write. Don’t be prey for anxiety. Your provision is not in your hand. It’s in the hand of Allah. Your obligation is to work and study not to score highest mark in life.

Everything is not in your hand
Why are you being so sad?
Would you tell me reasons if you had?
You know this world is passive
Why do you make it so massive?
So don’t be sad
Insha Allah To be continued….



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