Why Do I Not Wear Hijab Part 2 ?


3.My standard of living is on higher level

My standard of living doesn’t meet Hijab. I am a girl of rich. I can buy  no matter how much the latest clothes are expensive. Today’s skirts, tights are more expensive than Hijab. Don’t subjugate me! Let me show my richness to outside world. Let me show them my gold and silver jewellery. Let  everyone praise and respect me. Because I am a girl  from rich family.
O my dear sister if you want to be respected, find honour from Allah. Allah honours and dishonours whom He wills. What you will never possible unless Allah wills. Of course you are from rich family whom Allah enriched. So don’t you want to be among those who are grateful to Almighty Allah? Don’t you want your wealth may multiple more by being grateful to Almighty Allah? Do Allah haven’t power to take back what He had given you in blink of eyes? Indeed He can.
So show your gratitude to Him by adhering to his commandments; by wearing Hijab. Whether you wear Hijab or not, Allah neither benefited nor harmed. Both benefit and harm upon yourself. Don’t you see that those who reveal their body become public property? They are used as stocks in advertising companies, on TV channels, newspapers and other social media. Have you seen how they are subjugated by those who claimed Islam subjugates woman by making them wear Hijab. Islam hasn’t used human as mechanics, but westerns have used human as mechanics. Islam first gave real democracy for woman, western gave pseudo-democracy by saying “We are protecting woman right.”
O my respected one don’t be used by your enemy as mechanics.

4. Satan(Sheytan)
It’s Satan who has opened market of nudity in the world. Through media he preaches nudity. The woman who does cover her entire body can’t have freedom in her life.  She is being subjugated by being in shell. She can’t breath pure air. So I am being persuaded by such fantasies, I fail to cover my body. I fail to wear protective shell that is hijab.
He whispers to me that you are modern girl who should think new and be fashion. You don’t need to go back to traditional wear. Go out with skirt and tight so that you may be attractive girl in the world. Reveal your body.
Dear sister know that Satan is our worst enemy.  He doesn’t rest until he misleads and misguides us from the sound way and make among his party.
Indeed,  Satan  is  an  enemy  to  you;  so  take  him  as  an  enemy.  He  only  invites  his  party  to be  among  the  companions  of  the  Blaze.” Al-qur’an 35:6
Today headquarters of Satan are found in western world. Westerns are preaching how to make woman subject for themselves while Islam preaches how to make them queen of society. Actually the task of Satan is to make bad good and vise versa. By making them nude, they use  women more than material. Sister look how Satan of human wants to use you. They preach how to upgrade your right while they are debasing you in public. They make you wear skirt, trousers and tight by taking you out of protective shell in order to make you vulnerable for attacks and dishonour.

Don’t listen to their false propaganda that preach about your right in Islam. In which religious books or constitutions  do you find that says “The chapter of Woman(sura An-Nisa)” except in the Qur’an?  In which constitution or religious books do you find that says
” And  those  who  accuse  chaste  women  and  then  do  not  produce  four  witnesses  –   lash them  with  eighty  lashes  and  do  not  accept  from  them  testimony  ever  after.  And  those are  the  defiantly  disobedient,”  except in the Qur’an (Sura An-Nur :4)?
Look how Islam stands for your rights more than any other religion  or constitution.

Dear sister do you forget that you’re pillar of society? If this pillar is collapsed, how society stands by itself? I mean good fruit is from you who construct society and world. If you forget this, there is no need of other reason for collapsing of moral values and at the end spread of corruption on the earth.

At the end dear sister you’re builder of society and world, protect yourself by protective shell so that you may reach your goal both in this world and Hereafter.
Until we meet by other title Assalamu aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


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