Are you looking for future spouse? (University students)

The issue of marriage in our daily life is becoming complicated. Today youth doesn’t want to get married but want to live de facto life. By dating he/she finishes his/her life without living happiest life.

The university is place where male and female pair. First when we think about marriage for what purposes we get married. To build good family, society, community even the world or to fulfill just our desires. If it is only for desire, know that your marriage may not stand firmly. It rusts after your desire  fulfilled. Let us see around us who disorder their life in short time after bride and groom.

Be careful whom you want to get married in future. Are you choosing the one with higher coins or with higher moral values. We all aware of Our Holy Prophet’s(SAW) Hadis that the choice of spouse should be on piety for Muslim man and woman.  I am not saying that you should choose right now whom you want to get married. Be calm and patient until you achieve among your goals at least one. Let not five or seven years seem to you very far to be patient. Think as it’s very shorter than a day.
Because if you want to choose now, Satan never rest for you until he throw you to haram.  He whispers to be connected through social media and in other mechanism.
If you have chosen, be careful dating, typing unnecessary ten’s and thousand words per day and deafening your ear and heart through  mobile phone. Hide under your heart. By looking at those who practice such kind don’t let Satan rob your heart.
When I did research on Fall in love through internet, I came across to an article which  says ” When you date  everyday, the love you have for each other is getting fall after marriage. This causes high rate of divorce. ” Is it not true? Don’t you see in western society where there is high rate of divorce and life disorder?
Believe me if you be patient at temptation of Satan, insha Allah you will live happy life with one you haven’t known yet. Patience is the way to change bitter to sweet. May Allah make us among those who keep their chastity for His sake.


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