Why Do I Not Wear Hijab (part 1)

image Here I do not explain the criteria of Hijab. I am not scholar. I am afraid of giving you misinformation about criteria of Hijab. I don’t want to copy paste from internet. If you want, search from internet by typing “Criteria of Hijab” For my errors I ask Allah Forgiveness and not to misguide anyone due to my errors. Most of time when we hear the word Hijab the first thing which comes to our mind is woman. Hijab does not only apply for female, it’s also obligatory on male although it has difference in some extents. Wearing trousers is for male not for female. When you ask females why they don’t wear Hijab, they present the following excuses: 1.Hijab is Old fashioned no longer am I ancient woman. I am in modernised world. Hijab doesn’t go with this style. O my sister I ask you are you unique in creation from people before you? Indeed you are the same with them only worldly material that makes you different. Indeed they were more knowledgeable than you. If you haven’t knowledge about particular thing, you don’t like; you don’t adhere to it, you don’t be benefited.  Just by hearing what environment says, you follow their footsteps. Without knowing about it, why do you call it old-fashioned? Those who have known about Hijab well, they have adhered to and worn it. They know no matter how much they are maligned and ridiculed, they became steadfast on their principle. Because through it they have become queen of society although they had many enemies around them. No one dare to debase them except their enemies. O my sister look! How much Islam give you freedom although you hear western false propagandas against you. If you ask me “Who do you shy more, the one with Hijab or without Hijab?” Indeed I fear and shy those with Hijab. Because they are queen of my society, I can’t dare to speak to them. If you are wearing Hijab be steadfast no matter what your opposite says. Don’t give your hearing and intellectual faculties for moment for them. If you aren’t wearing it, start now no matter how much you were nude girl Allah’s repentance door is open for you. InshaAllah if you wear for sake of Allah, the time is not too far to be a queen of society. You will be respected. You will be a  new personality. Don’t miss this opportunity o my dear sisters! 2. I am young Let me use my youth age. It never comes back. Let me enjoy it.Don’t subjugate me by making me wear old fashioned dress. If I wear it, I can’t be attractive girl. No one likes me. No one glances at me. I am flower! Let all people look at me and smell my flavour even taste me so that I am so attractive to them.  If no one looks at me, how can I find husband? I wear it after I get married. O my dear sister if you think so, you are on the wrong road. Turn to right path no matter how much it has many thorns. Of course you are youth who should be deserved to enjoy your life more than anyone. But everything has its own limit. If it passes the limit, it may destroy itself or destroy the owner. When enjoying your life, you shouldn’t transgress limit of Allah. Do you believe going with short skirt on street is enjoying life? Do you believe resembling opposite sex is enjoying life? If you think I am a flower, you are right. Indeed you are our flower. But we don’t want our flower to be wilted in early age. We don’t want our flower to be smelled and tasted by every one. It’s precious! We expect very beautiful fruit from you. We can’t regain again if we lose once. So do you want your flavour to be bad in early age? Don’t make your flavour get bad. Keep it by Hijab o my dear sister. Don’t look down upon yourself, lift your head. I mean you are neither lower than anyone nor higher than anyone. You can be a knowledgeable and respected woman of century. To be continued…

Your Brother Jibril Abdella


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