Why do I give up my Salah(Prayer)?


Salah(Prayer) is one of pillars of Islam. If I dig up this pillar, can my house last for a long period of time? If heavy fluid happen, myself and house are the firsts to be hit. So if I don’t pray, can it be said that I have fulfilled commandments of Almighty Allah?
So what are matters with me not to perform salah? Let me ask you o my soul. O my soul! You have been given 24 hours per day. What do you do in these hours? Are you spending these much hours only on this worldly life? You have been ordered to pray just 5 times a day, not 50 times. To pray one time prayer at most you need 15 minutes with ablution and everything. Multiple 15 by 5. It is equal to 75 minutes. So subtract 1:15 from 24:00 hours. You get 22:45 hours.

Let me think deeply  with clean heart, at clean air, where no one see me why I can’t fulfill in at most 2 hours per day the commandments of my Lord Who is more merciful  than my mother. How much He is merciful! When He says this “Say,  “O  My  servants  who  have  transgressed  against  themselves  [by  sinning],  do  not despair  of  the  mercy  of Allah .  Indeed, Allah forgives  all  sins.  Indeed,  it  is  He  who  is  the Forgiving,  the  Merciful.“” Al-Quran Az-Zumar: 53
In my life not to pray Salah my soul has whispered to me the following worthless reasons. Do yours whisper such excuses too? Let’s go through together.
1. I am university student who studies ton of books. I don’t have time to pray. Let me ask you o my soul what stupid you are! What kind of worthless excuse you are presenting? Are you clever in your study? Do you stand first from your university by studying 24 hours? If you are clever and stand first from your university even from world’s universities, can these admit you to Jannah(Paradise) in Hereafter? Answer if you have response?
Of course by standing first you will become famous man in this world for very, very… short time. After that one day you will be underground. You will take nothing from your wealth, fame at least single needle. So while you take nothing from these, why do you strive much by giving up your longest travel provision –Salah ? No matter how much you accumulate this dunya you will leave it behind one day maybe for someone you have hated. By constricting your heart for just this Dunya can your life gets easy or difficult? While Almighty Allah says this
As for he who gives and fears Allah
And believes in the best [reward],
We will ease him toward ease
But as for he who withholds and considers himself free of need.
And denies the [best] reward
We will ease him toward difficulty.
Al-qur’an (92:5-10)
Answer O my soul! I am asking you not someone else.

2. I am young yet. I will pray when I get old.
I am more being astonished at you. What are you saying I can’t understand? Would you mind if you repeat again? You may miss out words you want to say. I think you want to say “My Lord told me that you will die at this age, at such and such o’clock. You don’t need to pray at this age. You will pray when few hours left you to die.”
What illogical excuse you present! Is it said that man doesn’t die at age of young? Don’t You see and hear everyday thousand and thousand of youngsters lose their life more than elders? Are you exceptional from death?
Every  soul  will  taste  death,  and  you  will  only  be  given  your  [full]  compensation  on  the Day  of  Resurrection.  So  he  who  is  drawn  away  from  the  Fire  and  admitted  to  Paradise has  attained  [his  desire].  And  what  is  the  life  of  this  world  except  the  enjoyment  of delusion.
Al-qur’an, Ali Emran :185
Can you pray after death? Can you come back to this world?

3. I pray, I pray, I do see nothing.
O my soul what you are saying is becoming meaningless. It is going out of boundary. You eat every day and every time. What are you gaining from eating this much? Have you ever said that I eat and I eat, I do see nothing from eating? Have you tried to stop eating for at least one day?
Because you eat with two mechanisms. First physical mechanism which takes place in mouth. Second chemical mechanism which takes place in stomach. What you chew in mouth little can do for your body. But it’s the one which goes to small intestine that gives you benefits.
Likewise if you don’t digest what you say in your heart well, how can you expect salah to benefit you? Blame yourself not Salah.

4. Uff! It is Satan who forbid me from praying by making me addictive to social media, cigarette, and etc…
O my soul what are saying? Are you saying that Satan ties my hands and legs when I want to pray? Don’t you know that Satan has no power over you unless you follow him and accept his invitations. What will you respond on the Day of Judgement when Satan says this against you?
And  Satan  will  say  when  the  matter  has  been  concluded,  “Indeed, Allah had  promised you  the  promise  of  truth.  And  I  promised  you,  but  I  betrayed  you.  But  I  had  no authority  over  you  except  that  I  invited  you,  and  you  responded  to  me.  So  do  not blame  me;  but  blame  yourselves.  I  cannot  be  called  to  your  aid,  nor  can  you  be  called to  my  aid.  Indeed,  I  deny  your  association  of  me  [with Allah ]  before.  Indeed,  for  the wrongdoers  is  a  painful  punishment.” Al-qur’an 14:22
O my soul please don’t give up your salah. It’s your longest journey provision. Allah neither benefit from your prayer nor harmed for not you pray. Benefits and harms are upto you!
I ended up my writing here. May Allah make us steadfast on Salah and establish it perfectly. Until we meet by other title May peace and blessing of Allah be upon All of you.


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