Why I have stopped posting my photographs on Facebook.

An Image conveys more powerful messages than thousand words. It is easy to erase messages of words from mind but erasing messages of images is very difficult. When I was posting my photographs on Facebook, I had ten and tens of likes. But when I post writing, I wouldn’t see more than 6 or 7 likes or most of time I don’t see any like through out month. The point I want to say is not that you should like my articles but how messages of image is more powerful than writing’s.

For the following reasons I don’t want to post my photographs on Facebook.
1.When posting myself I am making fitna(trial) for others. No matter how much I am ugly and hateful for one girl. But for other one I may be a source of trial and temptation. So what am I adding for her when i post my photographs? Disease over disease, illness over illness. So do I want someone to live in mind and body suffering? To understand this, let’s think from our perspective. If you see a girl whether on social media or in personal, what you think in your mind? It is easy to guess. Accordingly, when girls look boy’s photographs on social media, what do they think? I think they are more tested than us. O my sisters although you are being more tested than us, be patient. Don’t make your life prey for Satan.
2. When I post photographs, I am opening door of evils. Suppose I have posted my photograph and other one girl. This girl may be my blood sister. If I just post, what I am putting in others mind? I am opening the opportunity of doubting me. You may think ” This guy is enjoining good for others, but by himself does evils. So what is matter with me If I have girlfriend/boyfriend? ” Causing others to do evil is bearing part of their sins.
At the end I don’t like your photographs or comment on it. But I like and comment on your writing at least one sentence. Through writing you change yourself but through photographs nothing can you do. Even if you post a sentence from book you have been reading, i like and encourage you. As I hate ignorance for myself, so do I hate for others.
We try to advice girls not to post their photographs but we post by ourselves. So how can they accept our advice while we are doing by ourselves? O my brothers and sisters let us not be a source of trail for each other


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