How to get rid of facebook or at least decrease its usage

Today in the youth world the most addictive thing is social media especially facebook. The most task we do on Facebook is chat. While chatting, we don’t know who robs our time. From my experience let me point out some helpful points.

1. First distinguish for what purpose you are mostly using Facebook. For chat or for reading news, articles, quotes or for posting something and etc.
2. Open new Facebook account that completely different from your original both in name and place. Open in the manner no one knows you. Before adding friends adjust the place of your new Facebook account and birthday. Why is it needed to have two Facebook accounts? When you enter to facebook in your name, you feel as if you have entered to large number of people who surround you. You  are either speaker or listener. Everyone speaks to you from everywhere. So you have difficulty to get out of group of this people.
But if you enter a group of people where no one knows you, you are in a silent and stable area. You just take what you want from them. Most of time they are not dare to speak to you. Because you are new for them. No one wants to chat with you if you don’t open the door for them. Be frown towards them at this stage. Don’t speak to them.
3. Delete/erase Facebook applications from your telephone. For example, Facebook appl. and facebook messenger. I had deleted Facebook appl and messenger more than 4 times. At the end I deleted completely.
4. Deactivate your original Facebook account at least for one week. If you want important information from Facebook, use new one. But be quickly to get out of it. At most use 20 minutes per day. Actually to read news and other writings from facebook don’t take more than 30 minutes but it’s unnecessary chat makes the Facebook a garbage damp where you burn time. Be careful what you post. When I was using new account, I didn’t post in Turkish language. So that no one knows me.
Of course it is difficult to stay away from addiction you had made at least for 24 hours a day. Although it has pain, be patient at this stage. Insha Allah at next stage it will become easy.
After one week reactivate your original Facebook. Use at most one hour a day. Meet those whom you haven’t met for a week with very short greeting. Don’t say to them Hello unless they say hello. If you start chat with them, they don’t cut their joking.
After one week deactivate your original account again for at least 2 weeks. Do as above. After these two weeks, you will feel that no longer does Facebook effect you as before. It’s addiction is decreasing. If this doesn’t work, deactivate at least for a month. Insha Allah at the end your mind will be secure. Through this new facebook account develop new skills. For example, writing poems, articles and etc.
At the End WARNING: through this stage you may transfer from one social media to other. Through this time which you have saved from Facebook you can form new habit, new addiction. That is reading book, writing articles, writing poems and storing great deal of knowledge.
Until we meet by other articles may peace and blessing of Allah be upon you


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