Honour or Dishonour?

I started my writing by saying May Peace and blessing of Allah be upon all of you O! my honourable readers. Every human being is honourable unless we dishonour ourselves, isn’t it?

And  We  have  certainly  honored  the  children  of  Adam  and  carried  them  on  the  land and  sea  and  provided  for  them  of  the  good  things  and  preferred  them  over  much  of what  We  have  created,  with  [definite]  preference.”[Al-qur’an 17:70]
No one wants to be dishonoured as long as he lives in this world. But, how can we be a honourable person in society even in the whole world? Hi guys! To reach high level of honour in this world and Hereafter decided by our deeds and characters. Some may be honourable by their wealth, some by knowledge, some by leadership and etc. So among these by which do you want to be a honourable man? But be careful! If you endeavour just for sake of honour without sincerity, your end may be upside down. It is your deeds and characters that make you honourable without you perceived.
The opposite of this is dishonour. We dishonour ourselves by our evil acts. O! My honourable readers if you did evil acts, are you feel dishonoured or honoured? Of course by doing evil acts no one feels honourable except who is being ignorant. By doing evil acts if you feel always as dishonoured, you may be hopeless. You did evil acts by mistakes, so don’t you have a chance to be honourable man/woman? Past has passed never to return. Wash your evil acts by good deeds from your heart. Shed Light of happiness on your heart by doing good deeds. Be strict to a new journey you are setting out for.
No matter how much you did evil acts, Allah promised to grant you forgiveness and mercy. So where do you run from Mercy and forgiveness of your Lord? Surely, you will be a honourable in this world and Hereafter if you turn to Allah with sincere repentance. Let our evil acts not make us despair from mercy and forgiveness of Allah!
Until we meet by other topic may peace and blessing of Allah be upon all of you.


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