The Future Hasn’t been born, Why Grief?

Most of time we grief over our future fate. Whether we grief over or not, neither has future come nor happened to us which we have worried over. We may worry due to fear of poverty, failure in examination, lose in wealth, dismissal from office and etc. None  of these grieves change our future destiny. Pen has dried. Allah has decreed what He decreed. Due to grief we lose hope. “Hopeless detains the person from working .”

Of course life is not composed of only happiness. It is composition of sadness and happiness, hope and fear. Can food without salt taste good? Can we only consume salt? When food and salt come together, they form delicious meal. Likewise, when sadness and happiness, fear and hope come together, they form delicious life. If we had always tasted just one among these, life would have lost its taste. Every thing has own limit. Past has already passed never to return. Grieving with it aggravates the problems rather than finding solutions.
One person came to Islamic  scholar(Alim) and said to him ” Yesterday my house was robbed by robbery. None was left for me.” Then the Alim said to him “Thank Allah because Shaytan(Satan) didn’t rob your Tewhid(Islamic Monotheism) from your heart” If we glance once to what we are given or left for us, more grief has no room in our life.
Why grief? O future you haven’t been born yet. What is matter with me grieving with you?  Can you change my matters? You are lifeless yet. So can lifeless change into life by itself? I grief over my future university exams, lifestyles, jobs and etc. None of these are in my hands. So why grief?
O my heart be calm! Allah had decreed what He decreed for you. You will never change it. Be pleased with it. Otherwise grief never lessen your problem rather it aggravates and kill you. Be hard worker. Do over what you have in your hand and hope from Allah its result. The result not from you. Suppose you are searching for gold miner place. You probe the place well. By just probing can it means that we have taken out the gold without digging ground? First we dig ground where supposed to be gold. After digging and digging, we might not find gold.
So compare life with this. We work and work but the result may not be fruitful. As raw gold didn’t created by a person who has taken it out, the fruits that we gain from our work are not created by us.
So after we had dug well the ground, if we lose the gold by grieving can we create it at that moment? Grieving for future nothing can it change. The solution is doing our best and leaving the results for Allah.
Until We meet by other topic may peace and blessing of Allah be upon all of you


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