Don’t Be Hopeless

According to Merriam Webster dictionary  ‘Hopeless’ defined as follows.
“having or feeling no hope
: unable to be changed
: unable to be helped or improved”
When we live in this world, we should have two wings. One wing of hope other one is wing of fear. It is these two things that make life to be balanced.

According to Imam Gazali that hoping fruit without sawing seed cannot be hope rather it is ignorance. Without planting a plant ,watering then expecting its yield how could it be a hope? First choose where you plant your plant. Then dig it well. After planting a plant on it, continue watering it. Then hope its fruit. This is meaning of hope. Opposite of this is hopeless but not fear.
“Hopeless detains the person from working “1 Because we see our future like dark cave. Nothing seemed to us that  gives results.
“By exaggerating the task sheytan shows as difficult, the mind postpones it, it frightens from future load.”2
Yes our enemy never rests until he makes us hopeless and doing nothing. Or following his footsteps so that we may be losers in this dunya(world) and Hereafter. He covers curtain of darkness on our eyes so that nothing seen in front of us. There is no hope, no wish. I can’t do this, because my energy is not enough. Or if I do it, nothing can I see. Or it is too long to finish this task or job. So why do I waste my time and energy?
“The prerequisite condition of finishing the task which we have started is patience.”3
Or if I do this task, I may encounter trouble. So why do I make my life prey to risks.
“If our work went without trouble-free way, the life would come to the conditions of monotonous, insufferable, tasteless.
The one who doesn’t live with any trouble, who doesn’t pay price of his/her mistakes due to monotonous he becomes hopeless and despairs. Troubles fire up desire of holding life.”4

We worship Allah, but we haven’t seen its main results. Of course we have seen many results from His worship in this Dunya(world). But the main one is hoping for Hereafter. We saw seed of iman on our field that is kalp(heart). Without watering this seed how can it give fruit in future. So we should water it by ibada so that we harvest it in Hereafter. Don’t be hopeless while doing these.
Hadrat Umar (RA) says ” If it were said all people except one would enter Hell, I wouldn’t be hopeless to be that person. If it were said all people except one would enter Paradise, I would fear of becoming that person.”5
Generally, human being face different problems. Problems come to us to return our life vehicle that deviated from road to straight way. While directing back to the way, it may take much time. Being patient and hoping its results is way to change lemon into orange. Hopeless make the whole universe be in dark day and night although there are sun and moon. It makes a person prisoner. There are no paces to forwards and backwards. It says stop there. Hopeless change nothing. Rather than being hopeless if we work on what we have, hopeless has no room in our life.
Until we meet by other article may peace and blessing of Allah be upon All of you.
References: 1,2,5-Ihya Ulum din – book of Fear and Hope- volume 4 Turkish translation by Ali Arslan
3,4- Zihinsel Şifa by Dr Muhammed Bozdağ (page 287&295)


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