Week of Articles

Alhamdulillah for one week I have written some articles subsequently. Thanks be to Allah Who has taught us which we hadn’t known before. Who has created and opened our mind for learning. While writing subsequently, you may think “What a silly guy who hasn’t task to be done other than writing or he would do copy paste from Google. Doesn’t he think that posting these long sentences every day is boring. ”

Whether you think so or not, the person who is making habit something should sometimes behave like silly. If silly person is told strange words of place or person, he would repeat thousand times so that the word may not be forgotten. Gaining habit is not easy task. It needs repeating thousand times. Of course posting every day is both exhaustive and boring. Yes if you start new habit it is boring and exhaustive at beginning. But when the time went by, it becomes your favourite and sweety job.
But it should be our efforts. Forming habit by someone’s efforts is like living in a house that is built by other. Today especially on social media doing copy paste are very easy and truism. But doing copy-paste from mind is very difficult. That’s why most people don’t want to write long sentences.
But don’t fear you can write articles even book. However it needs great efforts. First step to write articles or longer than this you start just writing one sentence today and continue by adding more and more. You don’t need to write 500 words per day at the beginning but it is possible through time. Most of time we make easy work as big as mountain. We understand its easiness after we did it.
The other step you should be a reader. Without reading something, you can write nothing. I am not meant that reading is copy-paste. Reading is the way you contemplate over and think more. Through reading you gain self confidence.
Use mind while it is very fresh and needs doing more task. For instance, if we wake up morning,  use it for reading books. But if we use it for browsing social media or playing, we are spoiling fresh fruit. Do early when your mind is in enthusiasm.
you may be a university student. University is a place where you change yourself and others. It’s a place where self transformation takes place. You are starting mastering life. You are your own master. Studying just lessons may be boring and make the person be hopeless. Naturally our mind is think different things. Let’s make mind busy with good things so that it yields high production for our future.
May Allah make us among those who are productive in this world and successful in Hereafter.
Until we meet by other topic May peace and blessing of Allah upon all of you.


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