Who is More Busy?

If we make our mind work, it works. If we don’t, it is tired itself by fantasies. “Most human beings spend 50 to 90 percent or more of their time in their imagination, living in fantasy.” ~Charlotte Joko Beck
If we make a task our habit, our mind doesn’t let us pass one second without work. If we lie or sit down for a moment unnecessarily, it shout to us “Stand up! Do your task, don’t waste time, your life is very short exploit time etc.. ” For those who make good works their habits they don’t let second pass in any way. It is this that make them very busy. As for those who want to waste time get angry at them because they haven’t lived like them. They don’t have time to talk empty talks.

It is wondering to hear those who said today time doesn’t go very quickly while seeing it flows like water. Or I don’t have work to be done while thousand works are opening mouth.
There is no religion as Islam which gives time very significant place. Unfortunately, there is no people as Muslims who give time insignificant place except a few in today’s world. The past Muslim’s generations by using time were able to control the world, on the contrary today’s Muslims by misusing time, they have been controlled.
If unbelievers toil for this very short life to attain their passive goal, how about us who are preparing for longest journey? Do we have a time to waste on worthless things?
Disbelievers are very busy to build just their outside world but being careless about their inside (qalb).
However we have duty of building our both inside and outside world. So by which tongue we say “I haven’t work to be done?” Think!!!
We are so busy that we haven’t mind which waste a moment of time!
Rethink ISLAM is the greatest religion which makes man being great in very high morality, productive, reformer, happy and etc through time.
I end up my article here by Asking Allah to make us among those who use time very well and reform the world and attain the greatest attainment in Hereafter.
Until we meet by other article May peace and blessing of Allah be upon you.


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