Learning From Mistakes

Every human being makes mistakes in his daily life. Mistake is nature of human being. If someone claim that he hasn’t made any mistake in his life, he is proclaiming his ignorance. But we shouldn’t be proud of our mistake and repeat it over and over. Instead it should be our teacher.

Sometimes we make little mistakes and make it out of consideration. These mistakes by piling up like mountain one day they get us to taste bitterness of their poison. So considering little mistakes then weeding out on time before they pile up is sign of civilised person.
Sometimes we have the possibilities of not erring only ourselves but also we cause others to go astray. May Allah protect us from evil of straying own self and others.
Let me tell you what I have been facing in my life. When I see something is very useful, I hasten to get of its share for myself and others. Without comprehending the subject well, I rush toward it. As Afaan Oromo proverb says “Osoo hin hubatiin hin gugatiin” meaning without understanding don’t rush. Through this I convey misinformation to others. Then I regret.
Alhamdulillah my misinformations haven’t resulted in trouble yet. But I shouldn’t wait so much to result in trouble. I should weed out in time. Because it is this kind of mistake that results in life disorder.
It is ordinary to hear that the divorce between husband and wife most of time arises from misunderstanding and misinformation they have got about each other. Without thinking well he/she stand for next step. Afterwards they sink in deepest regret. The same thing applies for two friendly people.
Generally mistake results in every moment. But this shouldn’t be taken as negative. It happens to teach us what we leave behind. Through mistakes we run toward goodness. Out of fear of mistakes we shouldn’t be a dormant volcano. People may point their finger toward or laugh at us. We should think that nothing can they do with our mistakes by pointing fingers or laughing. Rather if they come to correct us, we should admit our mistakes and thank them for their correctness.

Until we meet by other article May Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon you.


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