The Ocean of Thinking

According to Marriem Webster dictionary thinking is defined as following “The action of using your mind to produce ideas, decisions, memories, etc. : the activity of thinking about something” Everyday we dive in the ocean of thinking even during sleep through dreaming. No one free from thinking even child. But the way we dive in the ocean determines our results. If we have talent of swimming before, which we stock through training, we can have the ability of taking out pearls from ocean. But if not, we may sink and lose our life. Thinking is just like this. If we train our mind to good things, it can produce massive life changing ideas. But if we think about past and fantasies, it wears down our sharp mind that deserved to think about real world. It should also be taken into account reading is foundation of thinking. If we don’t read, ideas cannot be ordered and we lose self confidence. Our mind greatly occupied by fantasy. We do something with our body here but our mind is diving in the other world which adds nothing to our current task but wasting time and energy. Sometimes we remember a person we disappointed yesterday or praised us and investigate his/her mind like police investigates criminal house during extremely dark without any light. We said I wish I hadn’t done these and these which disappointed him/her and wrap these ideas thousand times in mind. We try spited saliva on the ground to be returned to our mouth. Sometimes we see face of our manager or friend that look like pitch. We think again for this he/she may quarrel with family. We wrap the idea of “Either me or other person makes him/her angry?”.   Most of time I tried to concentrate on just my current task. However hundred and hundred distractions come and rob my concentration. If I post something on facebook or blog, thousand ideas flow in the bulk of brain. Among these whether this writing being read or not; if they read what shall they think and say about it? Although these waste my energy and time, I gain lot of  benefits from writing. Through thinking about what I write, I can deflect unnecessary thoughts. Generally the more we think about good things, the more we discover truth and change ourselves before others. Writing down what we think is best way to discover ourselves. Reading other’s mind is our fabrication of ideas which may not present within mind of a person we are thinking of. I said it ” Reading other’s mind is Pacific ocean of thinking ” which wasting our energy and time. Until we meet by other Article May peace and blessing of Allah be upon you.   image


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