One Day’s Determination and Patience ( Today WiFi is off)

Before five months I had tried to face just facebook addiction. I opened two fb accounts. One in my name other not. I decided to decrease facebook usage per day. While I am on my original account I had been spending much time at least 2 half hours. When I use it I feel as if many people surround me and had difficulty to get out of. While in my second account no one knows me except few. So staying with few people can not give more sense. First I had tried to close my original account about for a week. I tasted bitter in those time even though I had second account. Thousand of ideas go up and down through my mind. I started reading books such as psychology books and other by downloading from internet. After a week I had opened my account again. I started using Facebook even more until I found a book known as “Think and Success” by Muhammad Bozdag. This is a book which caused me to stand up for self transformation. In my second round I closed facebook for 2 weeks. This time its bitterness was less than first one. Because I was busy with reading book not Facebook. After I had reopened it was no more had  effect on me as before. But I was using second Facebook just for news but not to have chat or other boring things for 30 or more minutes per day. Actually I used to use facebook at least 2 half hours per day. Do you see how it is killing me? My third closure was during the month of Ramadan. Alhamdulillah I have weakened it. My heart no more hang to Facebook. My great change during these times was reading at least 6 books which contain more than 240 pages each. I have read for first time in my life a book which contains 1089 pages which is changing my life. Alhamdulillah this all things are from Allah. Today I use Facebook at most 30 minutes per day. I deleted both facebook application and messenger. I use just on my browsers. But I have got Facebook page manager just for posting in which I only see my posts not other’s. No more time do I spend on it. Before yesterday I spent at least two hours on internet. I decided to close WiFi for whole day to see whether I am truthful for my determination or not. Moreover to try my patience. I tasted bitter as before. Hundred ideas go up and down through my mind. When I being freed from one idea my soul brings other sack of idea. It was saying to me open and open  WiFi and post this idea. I suppressed against it. I told it i should be truthful for my determination be patient I never open it today. Whole day went by struggling between myself and my soul plus sheytan(Satan). Finely let me conclude what I have learned from this: √I have considered how it is hard to give up one habit whether right or wrong.As much as possible I should take care of myself from immersing to wrong habits. If I do so ,I should stop as quickly as possible. Because giving up bad habits is harder than right habits. √The great thing I learned is that there are no obstacles to read thousand and thousand pages of books. Regard it as forming habits with Facebook is easy it is also easy to form habit with books. √I have learned how to struggle between myself and soul(nefs) plus sheytan. How it is hard to fight these enemies. It is these enemies who make us captive of internet. I conclude my today’s article by supplicating May Allah not make us captive of our nefs and Satan. We take refuge to Allah from evils of our nefs and sheytan. Until I come back by other article may Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you.


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