Why would we be so addictive to facebook?

Today Facebook addiction is becoming more problematic than other addiction types. In country when productive ages die how could its people survive? Death of productive age doesn’t mean death of body rather death of time without production. We scroll up and down 24hours without no more gain.

The reasons are these:
♥To show whom I am–
♥To gain reputation
♥To show I am a knowledgeable person
♥To show I am more hard worker than others
♥To show my quality to a person whom I love
♥To make chat with friends
Let’s see in detail these diseases
To show whom I am means I am living for others not in myself. What would others gain from knowing my private life? When they comment me about my failure so that my life will sink. I think I am a failure person without production. I stop my journey to life without further movement.

When I get thousand good comments during my success, I am likely to be sufficed with just one success no further movement to greater success. When praises accumulated in human mind, his movements being paralysed.

When we come to reputation, there is no more destroyer than gaining reputation if a person is careless about his soul (Nefs). While he is dancing on ice, he would sink in ocean unknowingly.

When we come to third point – it’s this that is destroying us. We claimed as knowledgeable how would we learn new knowledge? If we fill stomach just with water and air even though it seems very full how can we survive through out our life? At least we should intake 3 or more nutrients out of six. So how could we be sufficient with just one type of knowledge? Let’s ask ourselves!

As for fourth one there are millions more hard workers than us. They don’t need to show their deeds but their deeds show them. They don’t waste their time to advertise their good deeds rather they spend time to do them. As we hide our sins not to be advertised let’s conceal our good deeds!

As for fifth one- if it is said Colonisation- Servant system this is not far from truth. He may become king for her or she might become queen for him and servants for each others. He or she shows with every efforts his or her quality ,even pseudo-quality which is deceiving today’s young while marriage, to please her or him. Every second posting photos. Every second comment and like, comment and like…. What do we gain from showing collection of pixels- body posture? There is no as exhaustive as showing own quality which is not present! This is just wasting our most valuable resource-time.

As for last one it is a summary execution of ourselves. It is suicide. Without no need we chat just to kill time. While there are million to be done how could we say I am unemployed? We employed ourselves to Facebook, how could others employ us? Ton of time waste on chat while there are ton books to be read.

As conclusion we should get rid of Facebook addiction before we bite our hand, get old, taken by death, paralysed by sickness and etc! May Allah make us productive youth for whole world not just for our souls.

Until we meet by other article May peace and blessing of Allah be up you.


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